Why Choose Us?

To us, perfection is not just about selling fabulous tiles that are beautifully designed. Perfection is the daily on-going pursuit, which our company strives to achieve both in our sourcing of products and service levels. We are constantly working with our designers to design new products, improving our service and developing new ways to reduce our impact on the environment whilst simultaneously keeping prices low for our customers.

TUV-ISO 9001

Introduction of Sanford

Leadership and innovation - are the words that describe us the best. Here is our small corporate tour that can give you the experience of the same.


We have Unique Designs features

We make sure that our product differs from rest of the world. And we focus on the design factor for that.


We make sure that we make innovative designs


We put maximum of our creativity to our design


Every design of ours must have a unique kind of freshness into it.

We Made Tiles in Multiple Sizes

These are the size variant into which we deliver our product.

800 X 1200 MM

800 X 800 MM

600 X 1200 MM

190 X 1200 MM

600 X 600 MM

300 X 600 MM

600 X 600 X 20 MM

Environment friendliness

We at Sanford have always dedicated ourselves seriously to research. Our sense of responsibility towards the future generations motivates us to move in the direction of a world full of top-quality products, made to last over the years, conceived and manufactured in an environment-friendly way so as to leave our children a more comfortable world to live in and give them an example to follow. Sanford is a member of Green Building Council India and strongly supports the evolution of buildings towards eco-sustainability; the company is strongly committed, on a daily basis, towards upgrading technologies and products in order to achieve this major goal. To cut the use of natural resources and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, Sanford has implemented the following measures: recycling of thermal energy from kilns to fuel spray driers, recycling of thermal energy from kilns to supply dryers, re-use of waste thermal energy to heat production premises – (this prevented emissions of CO2 by over 4200 t/year). A high-performance power plant has also been built which features a natural-gas fuelled air turbine.